Struggling with Self-love in Today's Fake World? Read This:

Updated: May 13, 2019

The true test of my relationship was moving into our 150 sq. feet home and still expressing our love for each other in new ways. Like reminding me how natural beauty in a world full of fake, is a treasure to be cherished.

Today, he told me how grateful he was for me as I beat myself up over my skin disease. He sat down with me and explained how he never notices my flaws. Hiding my skin disease under makeup would only add chemicals to our life and hiding under a hat only worsens my hair loss from my psoriasis. He explains again how we are walking life together because of my lack of following mainstream trends of chemically filled fixes including modern medicine, makeup, not to mention harmful phthalates and parabens found in our soaps and lotions. "We live in a town full of fake tan, makeup clad, dyed hair identical looking women, you're the one who stands out, you are like my Valkyrie"

Girls, if you struggle with simple going to the grocery store because you don't wear makeup. If you struggle with going to the gym because women who go to your gym use "cold therapy" and "liposuction" to get the body they want. If you struggle with your pale skin when every other broad is fake baked to a leathery crisp. If you struggle with skin bleaching because "light skinned" is a trend.

Reach out to me...

Help me start the movement of REAL women!

Let us better our race and the future of humanity by connecting with other natural and beautiful humans. Survival of the prettiest in today's world is only causing so many problems for our future children.

Help me empower women to be naturally beautiful and feel comfortable in their own skin. I'm not selling you anything, I'm not promoting a company. I'm simply sending out all my love and hugs to all the women out there who feel shameful of their natural beauty and who cave into PEER PRESSURE to apply so many chemicals and do harmful things to their bodies just so they feel pretty.

"The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we're weak and sing with us when we are strong"

This is just the start of our blog. Check it out at

It will be filled with herbal medicine, my trial and errors of living a chemical free life, and my internal struggles.

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