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Updated: May 13, 2019

Years ago, I made the switch to a natural deodorant. The toxicity that is being absorbed by your body via commercial deodorants is outrageous.

The highest concentration of lymph nodes are located in our armpits and our groin areas. These nodes are responsible for detoxing and cleansing our bodies. Sweat is not only a form of coolant but also a way for our body to natural remove toxins from our systems. Anti-perspiratants stop this process from happening.

Aluminum and other phathlates and parabens, not to mention fragrances are all contained within conventional deodorant. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and with so many lymph nodes located in our armpits, our bodies suck up those chemicals. The above listed chemicals are known endocrine disrupters and can cause carcinogenic reactions.

Anti-perspirants essentially seal the pores. Locking our body from releasing any toxins whilst forcing our body to absorb more harmful ones.

Natural deodorants are all the craze right now. I have dabbled with creating our own after we tried almost all the ones on the market.

One of of my favorite recipes that I created contains only natural and organic ingredients that are so safe that you could ingest them.

Now, in January, I was reading about fresh lemon juice as a natural deodorizer. I then researched the idea of using only lemon juice as deodorant. Let me tell you... I’m convinced this is the greatest thing on the planet. Not only do I love its effects, but my significant other does too.

Body odor is essentially caused by a bacteria on our skin eating our sweat and the odor is their byproduct. Citric acid eliminates this bacteria and therefore, eliminates your body odor. Lemon juice is also a mild astringent and thus has a slight pore closing effect Similar to an anti-perspirant.

All good does have some negatives. Due to its high acid content, juice can cause some irritation if used too frequently or used post-shaving. You should also avoid any sun exposure to the area that you applied the lemon juice.

Moral of of the story, if you want an all natural, organic, and sustainable deodorant...

Lemon slices are the way to go!

· Novelty, Ohio ·

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