I Tried Sugar Waxing

Updated: May 13, 2019

Buckle up for this roller coaster of a story!!

Shaving has has always been a painful experience for me. The actual process hurt but my sensitive skin just did not agree with those pesky blades.

Last summer I made the conversion to a safety razor. $60 for a box of 200 blades and the razor handle to hold them was by a long shot cheaper then the disposable ones I had been buying. Not to mention, the metal blades are more environmentally friendly then the plastic I was throwing away.

For half a year, I battled with using it then as if the universe answered my prayers, one of my favorite raw vegan influencers spoke about how she has only sugar waxed her entire life.

Sugar waxing is the natural, chemical free way of getting that smooth skin we‘re all after. Made with 3 simple ingredients; 2 cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, and 1/4 cup of water. Add these to a pot on high and as soon as it starts to bubble, turn the temp down to low and let it “cook” for 13 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove it from heat and put into a heat safe container while it cools for about 30 minutes.

Now each time I make it, I either get it right the first time or I have to make it 5 more times. It’s a learning process so don’t expect perfection the first time!

Once cooled, you should have the consistency of runny peanut butter or thick molasses.

Now comes the fun part; I forgot it would hurt the first time. I smeared that goo against the grain of my hair growth and pulled the other way and boy, oh boy, let me tell you. I jumped like a grasshopper into the air. My poor little calf did not know what it had signed up for.

You can use a popsicle stick or your fingers to spread the wax against the hair growth. Let it sit for a minute or so, then pull with the direction of hair growth. It takes practice but it gets easier.

I am four months into this process and I am never going back to shaving again! The hairs are coming back thinner and lighter. The pain is almost none existent. I now wax my calves, my arm pits, and a full Brazilian. If you already get waxed, try it yourself to save A TON of money. If you are shaving, try it. You are hairless for weeks and after some time, it’s permanent!

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