Cancer - Round 2

Updated: May 13, 2019

It all began with my first Pap smear in 2015.

It came back abnormal. I had the biopsy. Then at a very young age, I was diagnosed with cancer.

I fought the first round with everything I had. I went to all the appointments. I took all the drugs. I endured freezings and scrapings.

After 6 months, things progressed even further. I was struggling with the decision of a major surgery or the hope that one day I would be able to carry a child.

I stopped all all medical treatments and honestly, just waited till it was my time. With 3 suicide attempts having occurred already, I assumed I was not going to be dealt a quick death instead, I was being punished and must endure pain and suffering.

Then, my significant other waltz into my life with these magic bottles of potions. I was hesitant at first. I let them sit on my vanity for weeks.

Then the day that I ran out of options, I made the concoction. I endured it for the 21 days. But nothing changed. I did my research and learned more about those little potion bottles. I got the extras, I changed my diet, and I did it again. This time with success.

I spent 2 years in remission until last week. My bi-annual checkup turned into a 2 hour MRI and vials of blood taken for tests. It was back.

I didn’t Schedule my treatment plan. I didn’t even want to speak to another doctor about it. I just went home and pretended it didn’t exist. Days passed and I was numb to the situation. I didn’t tell anyone but my significant other. I didn’t pick up those magic bottles. I avoided the entire situation.

Yesterday, it finally hit me. I threw jars upon jars of candles at the floor. I lashed out at my significant other. I hated my body for the way it looked and the way it always distressed. I wanted nothing more than to just disappear on the spot. If this was the way I was to exit, then this was it. I was tired of fighting myself and the universe to be here.

I still hadn’t picked up those magic bottles but I will one of these days.

But then I remembered that little sliver of hope. That small part of me who could use this story as a means to save others, to educate others.

The stage at which getting everything removed is very rare. With today’s technology, we detect cervical cancer at it’s earliest stage and can nip it in the bud..

I want to reach out to my female readers. Speak to yourself, your sisters, your daughters, your aunts, your cousins, your friends. Cervical cancer is one of the most recoverable cancers there are. It’s also one of the most preventive. Getting your Pap smear done could save your life. Educate others and you could help save millions.

· Novelty, Ohio ·

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